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The heartbeat of every company is it's workforce...
Look after them

Health & Safety Reviews

Your Company's "Health Check" to ensure you're on the right tracks:

What we do:

The review or audit of your health and safety management is a thorough check carried out by a highly experienced consultant. We will:

  • Check your health and safety records
  • Check your workplace for hazards
  • Consider applicable health and safety regulations
  • Discuss with you the applicable requirements
  • Report in writing clearly and concisely
  • Provide recommendations and advice
  • Highlight the priorities

When and why review?

  • To check that your health and safety systems are working effectively
  • As part of your health and safety management plan, e.g. annually
  • When preparing for an inspector's visit
  • When accidents or incidents have occurred
  • When undergoing change:
    • New management
    • New premises
    • New processes or operations
    • Rapid expansion
    • New responsibilities
    • New acquisitions
    • Takeovers, mergers: due diligence

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