HSE Workstation Assessments

Clinical assessments by expert DSE assessors

In partnership with DSE Assessors, Occupational Health Professionals & Physiotherapists we are pleased to offer our "Advanced Clinical DSE Assessments" which are more formal in structure than our basic Posture Seating & Desking Assessments. These HSE workstation assessments are directly aimed at our clients who need to fulfil their obligations under the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations, as amended 2002.

Access to this advanced level of expertise and support is becoming increasingly necessary with the year-on-year reported rise in DSE users suffering from musculoskeletal disorders and litigation claims against employers.

Our DSE assessors possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of occupational musculoskeletal medicine. They are expert assessors providing advanced ergonomic services to clients throughout the UK, providing employers with workable solutions in the most complex cases.

Our DSE assessments will review the following:

  • The posture adopted by the individual at the workstation
  • Any factors leading to poor posture/ergonomics or potential musculoskeletal stressors (Medical information gathered will also be used, where appropriate)
  • Rectification of these problems at the time of assessment where possible.
  • Recommendations for changes that cannot be made at the time of assessment.

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